For those who equate their living space with a statement of success and sophistication, Aston Martin Residences in Downtown Miami epitomize the zenith of luxury real estate. This blog post offers an exclusive look into the current pricing trends at this prestigious residential development. With a constantly evolving real estate market, how do the prices at Aston Martin Residences stand up to the discerning expectations of luxury seekers? We delve into the data to bring clarity and insightful analysis for potential investors and residents.

Situated at the heart of one of Miami’s most vibrant areas, the Aston Martin Residences are more than just a place to live; they represent a lifestyle, a real estate venture that merges luxury with an unmatched aesthetic and location. As market dynamics shift, understanding these price trends is crucial for anyone considering an investment in high-end real estate. Are current trends indicating a favorable time to invest? This analysis aims to equip you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Navigating the luxury real estate market requires a keen understanding of its nuances. In this post, we will explore the factors influencing the pricing at Aston Martin Residences, highlighting the unique aspects that set this development apart from others in Miami. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the world of luxury real estate, the insights provided here will help you gauge the viability of Aston Martin Residences as your next potential home or investment. Join us as we analyze what makes these residences a top pick for luxury seekers looking for exclusive real estate options in Miami.

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Let’s Delve into Aston Martin Residences Price Trends for the Discerning Buyer

Aston Martin Residences in Miami is a beacon of luxury, offering expansive floor plan layouts and unrivaled views. Developed by a renowned team, these residences embody legendary design and a steadfast commitment to luxury. Here, we explore the price trends that make these properties a prime investment for discerning buyers.

Premier Unit Offerings

1. Unit 701:

  • Price: $6,999,000
  • Square Feet: 3,438
  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 4
  • Price Per Sq Ft: $2,036
  • HOA Fees: $5,867/month
  • Status: Active

    Unit 701 offers a luxurious living experience with panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, the Cruise Port, Miami River, and Downtown Miami. This unit stands out in Miami’s skyline, offering high-end amenities such as entertainment spaces, a fitness center, and a spa. The price reflects its expansive layout and premium location.

2. Unit 3105:

  • Price: $2,999,000
  • Square Feet: 1,474
  • Beds: 2 + Den
  • Baths: 3.5
  • Price Per Sq Ft: $2,035
  • HOA Fees: $2,588/month
  • Status: Active

    Unit 3105, with its architectural mastery, showcases meticulous attention to detail. This unit features premium materials like marble, wood, and stainless steel, and offers stunning vistas of Miami. The price is justified by the exquisite design and comprehensive amenities, including a state-of-the-art gym and a luxurious spa.

3. Residence 702:

  • Price: $2,999,000
  • Square Feet: 1,474
  • Beds: 2 + Den
  • Baths: 3
  • Price Per Sq Ft: $2,035
  • HOA Fees: $2,588/month
  • Status: Active

    Residence 702 blends sophisticated design with a waterfront lifestyle, featuring direct water views and state-of-the-art appliances. Its layout and premium finishes underscore Aston Martin’s timeless elegance. The price reflects the unparalleled views and world-class amenities, including a panoramic rooftop pool.

The penthouses, priced between $15,584,900 to $50,000,000, include features like a triplex layout with a private pool, exemplifying the ultimate in luxury living.

Price Analysis

The price trends at Aston Martin Residences reveal a strong correlation between unit features and valuation. Units with larger square footage and more bedrooms command higher prices, as seen with Unit 701 at $6,999,000. The price per square foot across different units remains consistently around $2,035 to $2,036, indicating a balanced pricing strategy aligned with the luxurious offerings and prime location.

Investment Potential

For investors, Aston Martin Residences offer significant potential. The combination of expansive floor plan layouts, a renowned developer, and legendary design ensures these properties stand out in Miami’s competitive real estate market. The commitment to luxury is evident in every detail, making these units highly desirable for high-end buyers and promising substantial returns.

aston martin residences

Unparalleled Amenities and the Value Proposition of Aston Martin Residences

Aston Martin Residences is an ultra-luxury condo development located in Downtown Miami, developed by G&G Business Developments LLC. Rising 70 stories and encompassing 391 condo residences, it offers expansive floor plan layouts ranging from 698 to 18,811 square feet. Designed by Luis Revuelta of Miami and Bodas-Miani-Anger of Argentina, with common areas crafted by Aston Martin’s design team, this development exemplifies a legendary design and commitment to luxury.

Unparalleled Amenities for a Luxurious Lifestyle

Aston Martin Residences boasts an impressive array of amenities, including a super-yacht marina, charging stations for electric cars, an infinity-edge pool with poolside cabanas, and a sky bar and lounge. The two-story fitness center, full-service spa with sauna, steam room, meditation room, and treatment suites provide residents with unparalleled relaxation and fitness options. Additional amenities include a business center, conference room, kids playroom, teen center, game room, private dining room, virtual golf, and boxing room, catering to every need and desire of its residents.

Prime Downtown Miami Location and Ultimate Convenience

Situated at the mouth of the Miami River at 300 South Biscayne Boulevard Way, Aston Martin Residences offers prime access to the city’s finest. Residents are within walking distance to Whole Foods, Silverspot Cinema, Joe & The Juice, and Novikov, as well as the shops and restaurants at Brickell City Centre and Mary Brickell Village. The development’s strategic location ensures easy access to Bayfront Park, Miami Circle Park, and major transport hubs, making it a convenient and desirable place to live.

Exclusive Luxury Features Designed for Elite Living

The residences at Aston Martin feature premium, white marble flooring, 10-foot high ceilings in standard units, and 12-foot high ceilings in penthouses. The expansive floor plan layouts are complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows, porcelain-finished balconies, custom Bulthaup kitchens, and top-of-the-line Gaggenau appliances. The bathrooms are outfitted with custom Italian cabinetry and marble countertops, while the panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Miami skyline enhance the luxurious living experience.

Why It’s Worth the Price

Investing in Aston Martin Residences is a testament to its value in the luxury real estate market. The combination of expansive floor plan layouts, a renowned developer, legendary design, and a commitment to luxury ensures that these residences stand out in Miami’s competitive market. The extensive list of high-end amenities, prime location, and meticulous attention to detail in each unit justify the price, making it a sound investment for discerning buyers seeking both prestige and substantial returns.

Aston Martin Residences redefine luxury living in Miami with their exceptional design, premium features, and comprehensive amenities. The investment potential, coupled with the immediate availability of these units, offers an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking the best in real estate. The residences are more than just homes; they represent a lifestyle of sophistication and elegance that is unmatched in the market.

aston martin residences

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